Memories Beach Club was born in 1997 by twelve investors and wives that were lovers of the shag dance and beach music.  These investors including Bill Harper invested their monies and opened "Memories Beach Club."  The club was purchased where Mary Lou's exisited at that time, and previously operated by Ray Willis "Ray's".  Bill Harper sold the Jolly Knave on a day in November of 1997 at 11:00 am and purchased were Memories would be established at 1:00 pm.  This property came to light by Alan Shelor.  The twelve original owners of Memories are:  Bill Harper,  Alan & Diane Shelor, Mike and Susan Moran, Kenneth Wainwright, John Thompson,  Robert E. and Jane Lee, Mike and Linda Whitley, Donnie and B.J. Hinson, Murl and Elizabeth Edwards, Joe Osborne, Larry and Lynette Land, and Gary and Susan Alford.  

The purchase was $48,000 and the investors renovated the club themselves.  Larry Land owned the parking lot behind the first establishment and a deal with him for parking.  Since that time Memories Beach Club has had several locations.  Currently it is at 407 Atlantic Beach Causeway, Atlantic Beach, N.C.  28512