History of the Atlantic Beach Shag Club

The Atlantic Beach Shag Club was founded in 1990 and functions as a non-profit dance and social club.  The home of the ABSC is Memories Beach Club, Atlantic Beach, N.C.  

December 17th,1995 the club applied for membership with the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs.  January of 1996 the ABSC was accepted into the ACSC and has been in good standing as of 2018.  

The Shag Dance was made the official dance of Carteret County in 2006 by the Carteret County Board of Commissioners.  

Currently we have 138 active members in the Atlantic Beach Shag Club.  In June the club elects new officers and the President appoints board members to specific duties of the club.  Currently President Jesse Bradshaw has four board members that serve as Co-Chairs for committees.  Joe Honeycutt- Fundraising, Katherine Turrone- Social planning, Anna Bradshaw- Communications and Membership, Bob Upchurch,fund-raising

July 1st, new officers and board members begin a new year.  The business and activities of the Club are managed and governed by the Clubs own Bylaws.  These bylaws can be made available to any person in the membership.  The social dates are selected by the board and are random dates due to Memories Beach Club own schedule.  

Yearly the shag club will support  charities as our club strives to give back to the community.  


Alan Hibert           1990 -  1993

David McNeil        1993 - 1995

Judy Bass              1995 - 1996

Billy Bruno             1996 - 1997

Clara Talton          1997 - 1999

David Farrow        1999 - 2000

Mary Thomason   2000 - 2002

Raymond Rigsbee  2002 -  2003

Julius Adair            2003 -  2004

Rosemary McCullen     2004 - 2005

Ruth Barnes            2005 - 2006

Robert E. Lee          2006 - 2008

Bill Guthrie             2008 - 2010

Steve Brougton      2010 - 2011

Joy Merritt             2011 - 2013

Janet Guthrie        2013 - 2016

Carl Bowen             2016 - 2018

Jesse Bradshaw    2018 -